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“Do you have a Warranty on Grown products?”
“Yes. We gladly offer a 100 day warranty against any manufacturer damage or defects in materials or workmanship on all products from the date of purchase. Improper fit or 'change of mind' is not valid criteria for warranty. Damaged or defective merchandise are items that have a noticeable material or workmanship defect that is not caused by standard wear. See exchange/return info further down.”

“How does your 'GROWN Vision' program work?”
“It is simple! For every purchase that is made, sight-restoring eye surgery for 1 individual or diagnostic eye exams for 12 children will be fully funded by Grown. This 'Gift of Sight' will be made on your behalf, and You will receive an official thank you gift. You can read more about this on our Grown Vision page. ”

“What kind of lenses come with your eyewear?”
“As a standard, all Grown wooden eyewear comes with European Conforming (CE) UV 400 (100% UVA/UVB) lenses with infused Polarizing filters . These are designed for both the comfort and protection of your eyes by helping protect against cataracts. The TAC Lenses are stable in all weather conditions and eliminates visible glare (both atmospheric and reflective) to improve sharpness and make colors more vibrant. ”
“Why should I care about polarized lenses?”
“Polarized lenses are ideal for anyone who wears sunglasses outdoors. The polarizer filter has been produced to eliminate atmospheric and reflective glare (water, car hoods, windows, etc..). Those who wear polarized lenses will notice a drastic reduction in glare, and an improvement in both colour vibrancy and sharpness. They are most popular with drivers, boaters, fisherman and skiers or snowboarders. Though they are for everyday use. ”

“Can you tell me about the materials that Grown uses?”
“Sure! Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and is harvested only when the culms reach their greatest strength, and are mature. This ensures that the cultivation will have no impact on other species who rely on the Bamboo for nourishment. The Bamboo we typically use for our sunnies are Native to SouthEast Asia, and come in both natural and stained colors. ”
“... We also use DUMU wood or "Du Lei" as it is sometimes called. Dumu is produced in subtropical regions such as India and Southeast Asia. DUMU is known for it's durability and high strength as well as uniform wood color, which can range from pale yellow to light brown. It is also well known for its slight aroma. ”
“ ... and we also use Zebrawood. Named after its resemblance to the striping of a Zebra, Zebrawood (or 'Zebrano'), is imported from Central Africa, (Gabon, Cameroon, and Congo). Zebrawood is pale brown with regular or irregular marks of dark brown that create an exciting alternating colour pattern! ”
" … Ebony, is a well know hardwood and is typically selected for it's durability. Native to parts of India, Indonesia and Africa, Ebony wood is similar to zebrawood in appearance as they both have beautifully alternating patterns. Ebony however, is darker in appearance with more brown and black tones. "
" …. Canadian Maple that we use is typically in the form of 7 ply skateboard laminate. This durable hardwood is abundant in Northeastern Canada and grows as far south as Georgia. Maple has a consistent grain, making it ideal for staining and polishing. "

“ All wooden and Bamboo eyewear also comes with Premium German Silver spring hinges that allow for flexibility and the most comfortable fit. The spring hinges allow the arms to expand and contract to allow for the best fit while gently hugging your head! ”
“Are these heavier than normal sunglasses?”
“Most people are surprised that the weight is almost identical to their regular sunglasses. Or even lighter! The bamboo styles are slightly lighter than the wood versions, but both materials will hug your head and fit you as good or BETTER than any mainstream or plastic sunglasses! ”

“How long will my wood or bamboo sunglasses last?”
“Our products are all made of durable bamboo or hardwood which is chosen for its long lasting and visual characteristics. Grown eyewear is made to last for as long as you maintain them! That being said, there are a few tips to help maintain and preserve your sunglasses in their most pristine form... ”
To get the most from your purchase, we suggest that you do not leave your sunglasses in extreme hot or cold temperatures for extended periods as this may affect the protective coating. Always try to store your wood eyewear in the provided Microfiber pouch and clean the lenses with this material to help protect against scratches to your lens.”
Long term care for sunglasses: All Grown wood and bamboo products are treated with natural oils and non-allergenic waxes to help protect the material from excessive moisture as well as other elements and everyday wear. Though very uncommon, If you notice that the protective coating has worn away over time, you can reapply coatings to the affected area including beeswax or natural lip-balms. ”

“Are my wood or bamboo sunglasses water proof?”

“Yes! .. and they can even float! That being said, you should try to keep them dry when you can or dry them off if they do get wet. Now go grab your water gun and enjoy your water proof wooden sunglasses! ”

“What exactly is meant by sustainable?”
“We mean that All materials are sustainably sourced from plantations in various parts of the World. This means that when the wood or Bamboo has reached maturity, they are cut and replanted to continue the cycle. Furthermore, all of GROWN's material suppliers are certified by the FSC. This verification is part of the process we take to ensure that our resources come only from ethically sourced and managed forests which are bound by the sustainable forestry management standards of the FSC. ”
“What about Carbon Neutral? What is that all about?”
“To ensure a long lasting and continuously eco-friendly project, Grown participates in the carbon offset program. We seek to become carbon neutral each year by balancing our carbon emissions through helping to pay for the creation of renewable energy, landfill gas recovery and tree planting ventures. ”

“What forms of payment does Grown accept?”
“We gladly accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover or direct payments, all through our PayPal checkout system. PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). ”

“How much does shipping and handling cost?”
“We do not charge a 'handling fee', so you only pay for shipping. Please refer to checkout area for all shipping prices (simply select a product and go to checkout to select your country). ”
“How long does it take for my order to ship once placed?”
“We ship worldwide but if you check out our sister sites, they also specifically ship to North America and Australasia. Allow up to 3 working days for packing and processing. All orders in the UK are shipped Royal Mail Special Delivery which takes one working day after packaging and processing time. Orders world wide are sent via Royal Mail Air Mail Tracked and delivery times vary from 5 to 10 working days (although shipping can take longer depending on your countries customs and local post). You will receive a tracking number along with a shipping confirmation email once your order ships. ”
“Why has the tracking information not changed?”
“If you are ordering internationally you may notice that your tracking update only reads 'Order info received'.. this is normal. Unfortunately international tracking rarely gets updated as the various postal services use different tracking systems. Your order will arrive within the normal 8-15 business day period”

“What is Grown's EXCHANGE policy?”
“Grown will accept exchanges and returns within 20 days of receipt of your order. We can only allow exchanges and returns on unworn products purchased from growneyewear.co.uk. Shipping charges will not be refunded or reimbursed however, we will cover the shipping back to you on an exchange. For any manufacturer defects within 100 days (defective hinges or lenses popping out) we will replace them. ”
“What is Grown's RETURN policy?”
“Grown will accept returns within 20 days of receipt of your order. We can only allow exchanges and returns on unworn products purchased from growneyewear.co.uk. ALL items from original shipment need to be returned with your order. This includes the 'Gift of Sight' card. Shipping charges will not be refunded or reimbursed for returned orders. Returned orders will be subject to a £10 re-stocking fee. ”
“Do I have to pay to ship merchandise back to you?”
“Yes. Customers are responsible for shipping all exchange/return merchandise back to our warehouse. We do not offer return shipping labels, however, we will cover the shipping back to you on an exchange. ”
“What shipping method should I use to send my order back?”
“You can choose any method you like but we highly advise you choose a method that provides you with a tracking number. Grown will not take responsibility for any returned packages which are lost or damaged during transit. ”
“I understand! How do I Exchange/ Return my order?”
“First, you must let us know your situation by reading and filling out this Return/Exchange Request Form. We will process it and take care of the rest!"
“How do I know my exchange /return has been processed?”
“Please allow up to 14 business days for processing from the time you return your order to us. For exchanges, you will get an email confirmation once the new pair is on its way out to you. For returns, you will be credited the full amount of your order minus original shipping costs and a $16 restock fee per item. ”
“I want to carry your products in our store, what should I do?”
“Great! Due to the HUGE amount of support we give to our stockists, we are only looking for a limited number of retailers at this time. All you need to do is fill out our Wholesale Application and send it back to the email address provided on the form! We will get back to you in no time!"

“I love this! How can I get involved?”
“That is amazing! We are always in need of people like you to help out! At this time we have no new positions and are not taking on any interns, but you can always help spread the message on social networking sites and blogs and we will gladly give reciprocal links to you on our Press page. Just by talking about Grown, you could be helping to save or restore eyesight! You may also want to join our affiliate program (in development) and earn cash for your support! ”

“Can I please have a discount??”
“Our research shows that 100% of people like discounts, but Grown redistributes a large portion of profits to support visual health, and unfortunately our marketing budget is very low! However,we are happy to announce that we DO have sales on occasion! Sign up to our newsletter for discounts and giveaways by entering your email at the top of the page.”